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Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood. HRSSSS wishes to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one for all those who enter the portals of this institution. HRSSSS seeks to develop students into confident, disciplined, responsible and caring adults of society. This can be achieved better through learning and hard work of the students and the teachers. HRSSSS aims to educate through a holistic approach that enables us to explore and utilize our potentials to the fullest. The credit of the excellent academic performance of students in the finals of CBSE class X and XII 2019 goes to parents and teachers. We at HRSSSS enjoy safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments. Classrooms are equipped for teaching and learning. Qualified teachers teach us.

We at HRSSSS, participate and enjoy - Discussion groups conducted by houses and clubs, Lecture-demonstration by teacher, Presentation by student panels from the class, Debates on current issues by students from class, Quizzes, Class discussions conducted by a students, Bulletin boards, House boards, Textbook assignments, Reading assignments, Vocabulary drills, Diaries, Models, Class projects, experiments, skits, plays, Making of posters, Storytelling, Paintings, Workbooks, scrapbooks, home work, examinations, making announcements, outings, workshops, educational tours, morning assembly, school functions, music, stage performances, volley-ball, basket-ball, tennis. We are proud to be Hans Rajians.

management team

"If the face of India has to change ever then it cannot be attained without proper and quality education being imparted to everyone without any discrimination". . . .


Suresh Kumar Mahajan

HRSSSS, Dilshad Garden is pleased to announce its new website. It will serve as our main communication tool with our...


Sh. Arun Kr. Mahajan


It is an honour and a privilege to be the Principal of Hans Raj Smarak Sr. Sec. School. Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of the individual. It is said, If you are planning for a year, sow rice ; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees ; if you are planning for a life time, educate people. Indeed we can say the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.

Education is the key to success in this country. It is vital that we do everything we can in order to ensure that each student gets the best education available. This is important because these students are going to be entering professional fields and, possibly, even teaching the next generation. Our school believes that each child is a precious gift of God who needs to be cherished, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care.


Incharge team

Education is a step today for a better and a resourceful tomorrow. To be educated is being synonymous to being respected. Education makes


Mrs. Geeta Mahajan

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. Instruction ends in the school-room


Mrs. Ritu Mahajan

Education gives children a love of learning than encourages them to improve their minds over a lifetime. A place where young plants & trees..


Mrs. Indu Vohra

The examinations' being a very sensitive and time bound task is carried out by the following steps: Secrecy, Conduction..


Mrs. Meenakshi Tandon


We believe that

Every child has both the right and responsibility to make choices and decisions for him/ her and for society.

All children should be nurtured to achieve their full potential within a school environment that is both caring and challenging.

All children should be encouraged to experience a wide range of support programs and extracurricular activities that enhance their learning potential.

All students should be expected to work hard and demonstrate a sense of seriousness and strong engagement toward their endeavors.

students' whole brain capacities must be developed so they grow to be leaders in the fields of technology, mathematics and engineering, the sciences, the arts, and communication.


S.No Teacher's Name Designation 
3 MS. GEETA  MAHAJAN PGT (Chemistry) Examination and Secondary  Incharge 
8 MR. MADHUKAR RANA PGT (Physical Education)
9 Ms. Akanksha Arya PGT (Biology)
10 Atasi Mitra PGT (Maths)
11 Santosh Kumari PGT (Maths)
12  Vikas kumar Dubey PGT ( Physical Education)
13  Sonal PGT (Eco)
14 Rakesh PGT ( Hindi)
15 Rakesh Thakur PGT ( Pol. Sci)
16  Shikha Gupta PGT ( Physics)
17  Saurabh Sethi PGT ( Accounts) 
18 Mr. Ajay Singh PGT (Chemistry)
19 Vijay Bhalla PGT (Eng)
20 Monu Kumar PGT ( Georaphy)
21 Uma Bhatia PGT ( History)
22 Mridu Gupta PGT (English)
23 Ritu Mahajan TGT (Science) [Middle Incharge]  
24 Shalini Sahni TGT (Science)
25 Diksha Sawhney TGT (Science)
26 Kajal TGT ( Science)
27 Shiv Kumari Singh TGT (Maths)
28 Hema Acharya                                                        TGT (Maths)
29 Roopali Mahajan TGT (Maths)
30  Anita Garg TGT ( Maths)
31 Manju Singh TGT (Librarian)
32 Sonia Aggarwal TGT (P.E.T.)
33 Minaxi Panwar TGT (P.E.T.)
34 Simmi Arora TGT (English)
35 Abha Gupta TGT (English)
36 Indu Vohra TGT Eng (Pre-School & Primary Incharge)
37 Preeti Arora TGT ( English)
38 Bhomika Mahajan TGT ( Eng)
39 Sonia Sharma TGT (Hindi) 
40 Amravati TGT (Hindi) 
41 Richa Mahajan TGT (Hindi) 
42 Shalini Saxena TGT (Social Sci)
S.No Teacher's Name Designation 
43 Rajni Mahajan                  TGT (Social Sci)
44 Meenakshi Tandon TGT ( Social Sci) (Examination Incharge)
45  Deepti Verma TGT ( Comp)
46 Riya Mahajan TGT ( Comp. Sci) 
47  Pooja Manral TGT ( Dance and Music)
48 Alka Goswami TGT ( Yoga) 
49 Raman TGT ( Art& Craft) 
50 Aayushi  TGT ( Sanskrit) 
51 Roopali Khusro  TGT ( Music) 
52 Kriti Chopra AT
53 Rajni Mehra AT
54 Ranjana Simk AT
55 S.Soumya AT
56 Deepti Salwan AT
57 Nidhi Dutta AT
58 Sandhya Rani AT
59 Dipti Mahajan AT
60 Ranjana Minhas AT
61 Mamta Ahuja AT
62 Ruchi Saxena AT
63 Ruchi Seth AT
64 Veenita Sehgal AT
65 Ruchi Arya AT
66 Shilpi Mahajan AT
67  Ankush AT
68 Dhriti Gupta AT
69 Indu Bala AT
70 Tanu Bhatia AT
71 Anubha  AT
72 Saloni Mahajan AT
73 Shashi Sawhney AT
74 Dharna Sharma  AT
75 Anita Yadav Lib Assistant
76 Pooja Mahajan Lab Assistant
77 Soniya Mahajan Lab Assistant
78 Abhishek Computer Maintainance Assstt
79 Kanika Mathur NT
80 Preeti Mahajan NT
81 Geetika Gauri NT
82 Sheetal Grover NT
83 Monika Mahajan NT
84 Rachna Mahajan NT
85 Reeti Tomar  Councillor
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