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  1. CBSE Examination Notice
    SQP Important Point
  2. CBSE Examination Notice
    Circular 72
  3. CBSE Examination Notice
    Circular 78
  4. CBSE Examination Notice
    Circular 86
  5. CBSE Examination Notice
    CBSE Examination Notice
  6. Curriculum for the Academic Year 2020-21
  7. Curriculum for the Academic Year 2020-21
  8. Gandagi Mukt Bharat
    Gandagi Mukt Bharat.pdf
  9. comptt. Schedule Informed Soon
  10. Faqs Dated 17-7-20
  11. Notice for verification
  12. Press Release 08-07-2020
  13. Verification of Marks for class X
    Verification of Marksfor class X.pdf
  14. PM video Message on International Yoga Day
  15. Fit India International Yoga Day
  16. Brochure of AYUSH Ministry_03 04 2020
    Brochure of AYUSH Ministry_03 04 2020.pdf
  17. covid-19 Stay safe
    covid-19 Stay safe.pdf
  18. Press Release-01-04-20
  19. Lockdown - An opportunity for Education
    Lockdown - An opportunity for Education.pdf
  20. Corona Comic PGI.
  22. List of Permitted and Banned items in Board Exams.
    List of Permitted and Banned items in Board Exams.PDF
  23. LETTER TO PARENTS sent by chairperson, CBSE
    LETTER TO PARENTS sent by chairperson, CBSE
  24. Letter shared by CBSE Chairman for the students of class X. Letter_to_Children.pdf
  25. Introduction of two levels of Mathematics for All India Secondary School Examination from the Academic Session ending March, 2020 onwards
  26. Link for Class XII Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Exam 2019-20
  27. Link for Class XII Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Exam 2019-20
  28. Curriculum for the Academic Year 2019-20
  29. Support Material 2019-20 for Class IX to XII

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To encourage a sense of collective responsibility and team spirit, we have introduced the House System. We develop the social qualities inherited and polish their hidden talent through various contests and competitions that are organized time to time in school campus. Inter-House cultural Activities, recitation, debates, Spellopaedia etc are held on periodic basis. These house-based activities encourage participation and interaction among students and go a long way in providing a sense of belonging and creating security in student's young mind. The students are prepared under the valuable guidance of House In-charges.

Students from Class III to XII are divided into Six houses - Drishti House, Jagriti House, Prerna House, Pragati House, Srishti House & Unnati House. Each house is headed by the House In-Charge, Captain and Vice Captain.

  • Drishti House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Meetu Negi
  • Jagriti House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Shikha Gupta
  • Prerna House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Santosh Kumari
  • Pragati House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Seema Kaushik
  • Srishti House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Mridu Gupta
  • Unnati House
    HOUSE INCHARGE:- Ms. Akanksha Arya



S.No. Clubs Name
1 Magic Club
2 Happiness Club
3 Calligraphy Club
4 Reading Club
5 Sudoku Club
6 Environment Club
7 Aerobics Club
8 Scrabble Club
9 Community Service Club
10 Charity Club
11 Cancer Awareness Club
12 Comedy Club
13 Animation Club
14 Screen Writing Club
S.No. Clubs Name
15 Heritage Club
16 Foodies Club
17 Save Endangered Species Club
18 Recycling Club
19 Art Review Magzine Club
20 Photography Club
21 Sculpture Club
22 Artvaganza Club
23 Creative Writing Club
24 Drama Club
25 Pie Club
26 Key Club
27 Eco Club
28 Tutoring Club
29 Operating Smile Club
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